What is 3D real estate visualization?

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3D interior visualizations in Switzerland

What is 3D real estate visualization?

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What is 3D real estate visualization?

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3D real estate visualization is a way of making a 3D view of the house by which you can make on house by the 360-degree view. This virtual tour increases the demand for commercial area promoting the work of real state agencies. Architectural designers play a major role in 3D real estate visualization; they work for promoting the new designs improving the marketing. After the development of 3D real estate visualization, the clients can view the house with different perspectives in photos videos and 360-degree panoramas. You can also go for rotating the design from different angles and can view the house in different views. The industries height growing tremendously and working on the bigger project of 3D visualization. This trend came in practice from the past few years. Before that, 2D visualization was in practice, which was not that, much effective. 3D real state visualization includes 3D walkthrough animation, 3D virtual reality, 3D Panorama, and other 3D natural sceneries. It is very easy for all the designers to view the project from different perspectives using multiple computer software.

3D visualization is an ultra realistic representation, which highly helps in real estate projects improving the marketing rate. All of the renovation projects allow the designers to evaluate the project correctly by the acceptance of the needs of clients. The architectural can also go for making small renovation and changes before implementing it. Real estate websites are not limited to interior 3D visualization but they also offer incredible exterior 3D visualization. Clients love the projects presented by these designers.

Real state 3D visualization is highly helpful to increase the demand for commercial areas, hotels, and restaurants. The computer software that these architectural designers use is a computer-generated image (CGI). The designers also use the software’s like 3D max, Corona, Rhino, and other photo-realistic platforms.

How does these visualization projects implemented in real state? 

These 3D visualizations do not go in a single run but proper planning and processes are required to make the designs finalized. The designers make sure that day take the emotions, thoughts, and feelings of clients under consideration. Following are the main steps that are followed by 3D visualization designers:

  • Drawing:

All of the real estate companies do have professional artists to design the project and giving it an authentic base. Designers are responsible for measuring the details of the project that is going to be designed. After having the complete measurement the project can run easily.

  • Colors and materials:

After the completion of the drawing process, the colors and materials of 3D visualization are selected. The materials are selected for making 3D visualization of floors, walls, ceilings, doors and other spaces in the house.

  • Angles:

After the selection of colors and materials, the angle of the interior and exterior visualization of real estate are decided. It must be kept in mind the angles must be in the 360-degree view. The client must be able to view the real state project from all angles.

  • Mood of the design:

Introducing a welcoming and cozy mode in the design is very important. Therefore, it is highly advisable to use shadows and yellow light to make the apartment look mesmerizing.

  • Surroundings:

To maintain effective 3D real estate visualization it is very important to consider the surroundings. Introducing green areas around the apartment is very important for it makes the client feel fresh. To keep this thing under notice there must be bushes, trees, flowers, flowerbeds or gardens present.

  • Real-life look:

After doing all these steps you can add images to your project to make it present a 3D view. These images are added to make the project look like real. The images could be of an oy playing in the garden or of an old couple sitting on the bench. These images work to make the design alive.


You can make your real state 3D visualization effective by using the above-described steps. This type of visualization is the most effective strategy to increase the marketing of architectural designers. So try out this amazing 3D visualization and you will be making a mark in the industry. Pat yourself at the back after trying out this incredible strategy.

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