Visualization of Summer house in Lithuania

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3D visualizations Summer house in Llithuania

Summer house in Lithuania

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Visualization of Summer house

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Summer house in Lithuania

I am very happy to do a project in Lithuania as I am Lithuanian myself.

In this exterior visualization, we can see a summer house outside the city.

It kind of reminds the Swiss or Austrian old architecture houses, but believe me, inside it’s all about new technologies. Not only this house closes all its windows just with one app click but heats itself as well. Perfect place to come in winter, just do not forget to heat it before coming.

So no time spending in cold house and chopping wood, because believe me, winters in Lithuania can get pretty freezing.

More of 3D interiors……

Yours sincerely,
Aurimas Pocius
ArchVisualisations CEO

Visualization of summer house

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