Interior Visualization – Creating a Realistic CGI Image

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Interior visualization

Interior visualization is an irreversible presentation tool for designers and architects. For 3D modeling and visualization services, the Designer sends an order to a CGI company and receives it soon. Of course, the Designer wants to be a judge of the quality of production. Photography is one of the main goals in 3D rendering. The problem is that sometimes it is complicated to achieve.

Especially if you are new to 3D printing or just starting out. Taking advantage of both worlds allows you to make the best use of your photography. You need photos to create creepy and realistic art, and you can achieve this thanks to visual design. This is one of the basic principles of photography. These include creating of three-dimensional models that use 3D photo rendering techniques to look realistic. To do this, he needs to understand exactly what a “perfect 3D version” is and speak the same language to 3D artists. Explaining corrections is another matter. How can the image of thinking be transformed into words and deeds?

Do designers need to know Max 3D, Corona, and interior photography? They do not. All designers need to know is the requirements-the main components of high-quality 3D rendering. Want to know what I am? Let’s check it out!

Proper Lighting

If the light in front of 3D looks good, the image will look natural and full of life. To achieve this, a 3D expert must follow the rules. It is important to note that the evening light must be cool, while the sunlight must be neutral to maintain the chosen color of the event. If the 3D watch is clockwise, it must be controlled by the day to make sure the image is accurate.

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The same is true: when a translator shows a room at night, the brightest lights must come out of the master plan, such as a curtain or drape. Pointing out the situation is another excellent commandment to get the right light. Things in the windows should be brighter than in the back of the room. Again, the image should not have shadows. All materials and descriptions should be straightforward and easy to read.

3d products visualization

Impeccable Composition

The composition is the interrelationship between the parts in the figure. When all aspects of interior transport are properly arranged, it creates harmony and highlights the strengths of interior design. The image must comply with the rules to be effective. Most importantly, 3D furniture needs a centerpiece. In other words, it is an object or part of an object that stands out in size and color, so it becomes immediately noticeable. It’s called “center”, but you can put it anywhere in the image.

The secondary elements of the scene must surround the central object according to the laws of symmetry or asymmetry. The balance of the interior representation means that objects of the same size and shape must be placed at the same distance from the center. This way, the resizing will look long-lasting and consistent. There are many variations of asymmetric configuration. However, all images configured as asymmetric follow the same rules.

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Objects opposite the center should have the same visual weight. So, if the main element occupies 2/3 of the image, the third part should not be empty. For a well-rounded curated look, you should include counterweight elements such as large mirrors or beautiful tapestries. So, when considering the 3D interior visualization of an interior, it is recommended to consider how the elements and spaces are organized. If any part of the 3D rendering appears cluttered or empty, it’s a good idea to make sure the composition is in order.

Details That Evoke Emotions

With 3D display technology, you can transmit technical information and create images that touch people’s emotions. This is possible by adding subtle details: a small but important element that shows how wonderful it is to live and work in a future space. For example, an elegant minimalist office interior can include a notebook and a steam cup of coffee on the table.

These subtle details enliven the photographic situation and inspire the viewer to imagine. You will start working in this office, write down your questions until the next meeting, and see how you sip a delicious drink. So when you look at the 3D rendering, you need to know the details that the 3D Designer includes.

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Do they give a clear picture? Moreover, if the Designer has ideas at the beginning of the project, it is better to share them with the studio – it can save a lot of time and help create an image with a strong story.

3d interior visualizations

Style Consistency

When everything in the image is in one style, it satisfies the eye and creates a vision of perfection. Therefore, no interior detail should ignore other elements. For example, a business home may not have classic artwork or crystal canvas – it looks weird so it is wise to prove that every detail in the 3D interior view includes the same pattern.

High-Quality Textures

To make all surfaces look realistic, the interior 3D rendering should include only very detailed textures with realistic colors and scales of temporal patterns. This way, the viewer will feel how fluffy the wool rug is and how soft the decorative fabric is to the touch. Poor quality flat textures that are irregularly large have unnatural colors or have visible seams that look fake. Therefore, they cannot evoke fun associations.

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Therefore, if a designer encounters this error in 3D rendering, it is best to send it back for correction. If the Designer knows the basics of 3D in front of the display, he can efficiently work with CGI Studio. A brief overview will help the 3D artists of the company to work faster to create better 3D with better transparency, better writing, better coordination, and more meaningful explanations. This way, the Designer finds the best way to show it in a short time and at a reasonable price.

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