How to Create a Realistic CGI Image?

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CGI image

CGI image is realistic when you follow the rules. The first thing we need to consider is the overall design. We look around, looking for information that reflects our ideas (“us”, our designers, and CGI artists). We draw drawings; we make a big board of souls that connects all the different things we want to see in our eyes on the stage. Choose a theme and theme (traditional, modern, fun, antique, contemporary, etc.) with your customers.

At this stage, we understand that CGI has completed the drawings for this purpose and should be provided with as much detail as possible to meet the needs of our customers. Then we built a small image library that would form the basis for our computer-generated images.

The member is not always in our court at this stage of the process. Sometimes the client offers his or her instructions and ideas, and sometimes a particular design is instructed to make humor boards. No matter what, by the end of this step, we will need to have a clear idea of ​​the “special stamp” we will put on our CGI image.

3D stage design 

Once we lay the foundation for the overall concept, we can focus on designing our 3D visuals. In other words, we will create an entire room from A to Z, including walls, windows, and doors. Just present it as a photo studio … but shown.

CGI image - 3D interior visualization

3D products and accessories printing

It’s time to start adding accessories to our homes. Still, most importantly, we are organizing our main product, like here and the sofa: If you are lucky enough to have imported 3D products in this format or use the 2D technical files you provide to create products for you.

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For accessories, we examined the shapes in the internal library and then applied materials to them to better complement our chosen central theme. We read the figures in the internal library for accessories and then used materials to complete our central theme better selected.

CGI image evoliution

If you ask us to turn a CGI image into a great image of realism, we have to say: revelation see it by yourself. The same scene, first with mud, then well awakened. You have to believe, that’s clear. This is why we install light sources like the sun, sky, and window in our virtual photo studio. What we are doing here is producing natural light.

CGI image - scandinavian interior 3d visualization

Realism and textiles, one-time concern

And the magic ingredient for creating a genuinely sleek photorealistic CGI? You guessed it. You may have a backlit scene, but if it reveals a light texture that isn’t realistic in itself, then you’ve suddenly lost the opportunity to leave a good impression. The texture is a top priority in creating photorealistic CGIs. See the difference by yourself.

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What makes the product unique is the texture of leather, chrome, and hardwood. Never underestimate the value of product quality! Suggestions, consequences … nothing is left to chance! Fear not. You will not find the kind of generic version you see on the internet. Our winning recipe, tested by our customers, guarantees even super-realistic on-screen results! These textured images can also be used for your catalogs and marketing tools.

The sample product is available, but no form?

Send us an actual sample, and we can take a photo in the studio to create a style and incorporate it into your 3D interior design. In this way, you can make sure your product reflects well, including knots and grains, blends, and color. Our many years of experience in photography have helped us.

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Over the years, this is one of the highlights of our studio. Fear not. You will not get the translation you see online. Our overall win, tested and verified by our customers, guarantees an accurate result even on screen! These printed images can be used for catalogs and marketing tools.

Daytime, night time, or somewhere between it?

Now is the time to determine the emotions we want to convey to the stage. Adjusting the lighting at this stage is very important because after the scene is full of objects, the light will play a key role, and it cannot explain why one scene can communicate with you better than another.

Therefore, we will adjust the lighting according to your taste and needs (day, night, or alternate lighting, direct or indirect lighting, etc.). If necessary, we can also add artificial light sources, such as lights. 

3D interior visualization Agat

Angle of viewing

Similarly, before taking a photo, when the designer chooses the right look, we need to select the angle that best reflects the result we want to create a 3D interior design in the view. Armchairs, floors, tables, decorations, sinks, or showers, visually speaking, the visual effects of the floor and the tub are different (obviously, it makes sense). 

Realistic CGI image – we are almost done!

Only some recent achievements can prepare! All we have to do now is go through 3D graphics with toothed combs and adjust the rough edges of the data, lighting, and 3D products.

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Is there anything floating? Is there an object without texture? Our eagle’s eyes examine everything and make sure there is nothing outside the focus. It’s not too late to change our minds! With 3D rendering, you don’t have to restart if you want to change again or change the look. The ability to fully travel to the stage you created allows you to make changes at the last minute without repeating a move from scratch!

That’s all you can see for yourself!

With the client, as soon as we are satisfied with the delivery of our 3D software, we will adjust our image to suit your specific needs. In other words, we’ll try to complete the winning version by comparing colors, adjusting contrast, distorting the colors of your product to reflect real life, and more. He gives a final presentation. 

Realistic CGI image

Final view of 3D beauty

Tadaam !!!

And yet the project is complete, and the CGI image produced is of the highest quality (not to mention the counts per hour by our great machines to achieve higher resolution, but we will soon be able to talk more about this):

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