Interior Rendering Cost

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3d visualization Topas Klassisk
Interior rendering

In the world of 3D visualizations and high resolution interior rendering it is very important to pick the best possible services package for your project representation.

Interior rendering is a very important part in real estate marketing campaign and choosing the best combination of interior renderings can really increase your sales.

The total costs of interior visualizations will be defined by: numbers of views, details in the picture, additional furniture, texture and styling. These are very important details to take care of as this can improve or vice versa, ruin, your project.

Let us have a look at the defining points in interior visualization prices.

Number of views

The 3D interior view allows you to see the camera from any angle. However, each of these views runs as a separate CG playback. In other words, the more tips the customer wants to see, the higher the cost. This means interior designers can save money by ordering fewer CGI views. Therefore, to get the best view of your project, it is wise to consider how many renders you actually need.

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In many cases, less does not mean worse. It is usually sufficient to use only a few main views to see all aspects of the design. However, 3D interior rendering is beautiful and of high quality.

Usually, the more angles you choose, the smaller price is per unit. If you order just one angle, the price can be double to the one if you choose 3 or more.

How to choose the best number of views?

We suggest for a simple office space to choose 1 or 2 renderings.

An apartment: 3 or 4 – kitchen, living room, children room and one for bath.

A restaurant, cofe shop, small store: 1 or 2.

For a big department store, hotel, retirement house: up to 6, as you may need to show different facilities, different rooms and spaces.

Number of Details in a Brief

3d interior rendering - living room visualization
3d interior livingroom visualization

The number of details provided by the client also affects the cost of internal processing. Some consumers give precise instructions for designing the display. For example, we offer fabric samples for each sofa cushion in the room and many reference materials to help convey a certain mood.

Other customers provide only detailed information about some aspects of the order, while others remain in the imagination of the 3D artist. In these cases, the cost of interior rendering often varies. As a rule, when customers ask for more, they want more results. In such cases, 3D artists need to spend more time providing more details to satisfy customer expectations. So the cost of services will be high.

Amount of Corrections

Another factor that affects the cost of the interior rendering service is the amount of maintenance. Transformation, of course, is an essential part of the 3D visual processing system. They are critical to achieve the best results and meet the needs of our customers. That’s why some decorations were placed in the studio.

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Therefore, if there is no improvement of more than 60% of the project level, the initial value remains. However, if there are too many adjustments and their number exceeds this limit, the value of the internal conversion will be changed.

Interior Style

Each interior style has its own characteristics. In this case, each type of 3D artist requires a different amount of work. For example, Scandinavian-style projects are characterized by simple lines and shapes and a small amount of scenery. Therefore, these styles are easier to make and cheaper than complex Baroque styles.

Interior rendering - Scandinavic interior 3d visualization
Scandinavic interior 3d visualization

Baroque-style room design requires modeling many intricate details, such as intricate furniture and luxurious decorations. Creating such an image requires more work, which increases the cost of an internal display.

Type and Resolution of Visuals

Interior rendering - 3d office visualisation
3d office visualisation

Our CGI studio can create internal interpretations in a variety of formats. These can be static images, interactive virtual tours, or 3D animations. Compared to the first, the second and especially the third are more expensive because they require more work. Why In the first case, a 3D artist only needs to make a few pictures. But for the other two types, professionals will need to create dozens of static layouts to ensure there is enough material to create digital videos or interactive virtual tours.

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Also, the resolution of the image affects the cost of interior decoration services. Standard resolution of internal rendering – Full HD. However, this is not the only alternative to our CGI studios. At the customer’s request, we can create 3D visualization of the interior for printed posters, magazines, and more. Such performances usually require a high cost, which increases costs.

Size and Number of Orders

If your interior designer has a large project and needs one or more drawings, expect a discount. Our 3D visualization company is constantly discussing the possibilities of a long-term partnership.

We are interested in mutually beneficial cooperation with our clients and the CGI studio. In this way, we offer discounts to regular customers who place large orders. To claim the value, the customer must consult with the customer’s administrator.

Custom elements and textures

Some clients want to customize and make every element of plaster unique, from tabletops to vase flowers. In this case, the 3D artist would have to create all these products from scratch, increasing the cost of the service. However, other options can save you money. Our bidding studio has a database of ready-made 3D models and scenes that you can use for rendering. If the client agrees to use some of these elements, the interior painting cost will be lower.

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Color design can affect the price. Suppose the interior items are made from other rare items not found in our library, and you are unable to see them in any of the available materials. In that case, the 3D architect has to design them from scratch. The more rigid the design, the longer it takes 3D architects to make that display. And this price will increase accordingly.


Another factor that affects the cost of 3D visualization is time. If there is no emergency and the deadline is not over, the price will be standard. But sometimes our customers have urgent orders.

Our CGI studio can prepare presentations as soon as possible. However, since such news forces 3D artists to work overtime, sometimes even in the evenings and on weekends, the cost of internal commentary will be higher in this situation.

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