8 Tips on Promoting Your 3D Architecture Business on Instagram

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Promote your business through instagram

3D Architecture business might be perfectly promoted on social media. With the immense popularity of social media, architects need to learn how to use it effectively. Instagram is considered the king of social media platforms and has over a billion active users per month, making it a great place to start. Due to its visual nature, Insta is ideal for exchanging stunning visual works of architectural projects. Besides, Instagram offers great promotional opportunities, helps build a brand, and build trust with opportunities. To take full advantage of this, a 3D architecture expert must use an effective Instagram strategy for architects.

As a professional 3D architecture presentation company, we have a good understanding of marketing in the field of architecture. Our CGI studio works closely with architects, so we are aware of all the details about using social media for their business. And we like to share this experience.

Read on to learn the top 8 tips for creating a successful Insta strategy for architects!

Set a business profile

3d office visualisation

This is the most important thing an architecture expert should do to get started with Insta. Setting up a business account gives you many additional options to enhance your Instagram strategy for architects. First, it provides access to analysis. It helps you track the activity of your page followers and see the performance of your shared content.

Another advantage of choosing a business profile is the ability to use Instagram ads. Insta ads are created through the Facebook system, so users can use all the advanced targeting features provided by FB. Having a business profile also means you can add links to Insta stories.

Finally, business pages are generally taken more seriously by the Instagram audience. This is because it looks more professional and provides users with more information than a regular profile. So, having a business page is a reliable way to find more potential customers.

Personalize a profile

What happens if a potential client is interested in architectural services and wants to contact a specialist but has no idea how the person in most cases will continue to search for others.

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So a successful Instagram strategy for architects means that you customize your profile and fill in all the necessary details. Architects should add a company logo, a brief description of the service, and a link to a professional website. So if your expectation requires more information, it’s just a click away.

Know when to post

New posts should only be published if the target group is the most active. Finding the right time requires research and analysis. Fortunately, Instagram has simplified this process by offering an “insight” option. This is a feature that allows you to track all activity in your account.

This Instagram strategy for architects will help you find the best time to publish new content. Users of this social media platform are usually most active in the evening and at lunch. However, not all Instagram sites are the same. Architects must come at different times to find the most active time for the audience.

Add right hashtags

3D Architecture

This successful strategy will help you attract more followers and make more people see your work. Here are some examples of Instagram hashtags known to architects: #Art, #Interior Design, #Building, #Building, #Design, #Architectural Photography, #Interior, #Architect, #Building, #Building etc.

To insert a tag in a post, you need to insert a hash sign first, and then add the tag name. There are different hashtags, but it is best to use them easily. Two or three tags under one post are enough. When applying this Instagram strategy to architects, you need to make sure that the tags match the pictures.

Use Instagram Stories

As one of the best community platforms for architects, Instagram offers many great features that can be used to improve accounts. Instagram stories are definitely one of them. It allows users to share images, videos, or text that can disappear or be added to a daily highlight of the page. By applying this policy, the architect can communicate with followers and check their functionality on the site.

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Architects can add locations, mills, marks, surveys, questions, music, and other elements to the story. Each of these supplements has its advantages. For example, adding building company location or industry-related hashtags can help prospects get out of the list of followers. To make your profile more enjoyable, you can add surveys to get your viewers involved in different actions.

For example, an architect can ask a follower to choose the type of construction project he likes. As such, experts need to know which posts the audience will choose.

Make the profile stand out by posting 3D renders

3D Architecture

Because Instagram is a social network for sharing photos and videos, the architects there need to use high-quality visuals. To have a successful digital marketing strategy, professionals need to publish regularly. But sometimes architects’ jobs are out of materials. Here is a useful visualization of 3D architecture.

Most of the projects are currently under construction, which is especially useful to architects who rarely exhibit. Professional CGI Studios help you get the most out of any design and highlight key niches. By using CGI photos as part of your Instagram strategy for architects, you can showcase their design skills and attract new possibilities.

Communicate with the followers

Instagram is not just about sharing photos. It is a social platform that requires participation. This strategy predicts the highest interaction with the audience profile. For this reason, gardeners need to check the privacy statement regularly because people interested in outside work will ask questions there. You also need to respond quickly and efficiently to any comments that users leave below the message.

Show what is going on behind the scenes

3d visualization Travertin

Those looking for construction services have always wanted to know how all the magic happens. They want to know that design professionals work and give life. Therefore, Instagram’s design approach should include the architect’s experience.

It can be a social network with employees, create works of art and presentations, participate in professional development, and visit the field, and more. For architects who want to reach a wider audience and get more customers, it is a great opportunity to use Instagram. It is an ideal platform for building fruitful relationships and developing product awareness.

The eight simple tips above will help you create an effective Instagram strategy for buildings and make this social network even more unique.

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