3D Video Walkthrough

3D video walkthrough can enhance your 3D project and make an even better impression on your clients. We can help you!

In the 3D video, the client would be able to see the whole project as the camera slowly moves through the apartment and shows every room and all other small details of the space.

This way your client can get even a better understanding of how the future place is going to look like.

3D video is as well a very impressive representation tool on your sales website and is a very good addition to your overall marketing portfolio: you can use it on your own website, on your commercial ads, on your youtube channel, and many other possible places. It really expands your possibilities to reach possible clients.

How To Make an Outstanding 3D Video?

It is very important to communicate all your needs to your 3D designer, so you will get the best possible result in the shortest time period.

To start the 3D video project we would need such information from you:

Interior or exterior video? These days 3D software helps us easily to make an interior or exterior video or even both in one. You can fly around the new project and gradually get inside of the house, hotel, or apartment building.

The length of the video. The price of the 3D video really depends on the length of the video. It is really important to pace yourself in the video, so it is not too fast and people do not see the details, but it must not be too long, so people simply close it. For interiors, we mostly suggest a max of 60 seconds, for exteriors: 30 seconds.

Scenario. 3D video scenarios are quite simple, you just simply describe how you want the camera to move: from the kitchen to the living room, from the living room to the bedroom, and so on. Once we have such a scenario, we can start working on camera movements.

Explanation details. On the video it is as well possible to add explanation texts; if the camera moves to the kitchen, you can show the size of the area, the important details (maybe the material of the floor, the kitchen installation, the views, and so on). This gives the viewers even more information about the apartment or commercial place.

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