3D floor plans

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3D floor plan

3D floor plan is a perfect addition to the overall real estate marketing strategy. Once you have done some 3D visualizations, you can expand your presentation tools to 3D floor plans.

Why do you need a 3D floor plan?

3D floor plan is a perfect way to show your clients how the whole area looks like, where are different rooms, spaces, offices, entrances and any other small details of the project. It gives a very comprehensive overview for people to see and understand the whole building or floor. You can easily navigate and plan your future shop, house, hotel or any other building.

3D floor plans are an excellent help even for builders during the construction period as it helps them to plan the process and see or more accurately image how the future spaces should look like and be furnitured.

3D floor plans are as well a perfect tool for real estate websites, especially for apartment houses, when clients can navigate in a house, look at different plans, different apartments, understand the sizes, spaces and even zoom in and check the possible future furniture, colors or materials. And then the client is just one click away to choose his dream house.

3d floor plan

To sum up the pros:

  1. It is very easy to understand the 3D floor plan for future buyers
  2. Can be an excellent addition in construction phase.
  3. 3D floor plans are very popular in real estate websites as they help to navigate through spaces and see different apartments and spaces

How to make a 3D floor plan?

To make a 3D floor plan you would need to provide a very similar information as for 3D visualizations.

To make a great 3D floor plan you need to have:

  1. The drawings of the building. It can be any PDF drawings, but AutoCAD is the king here.
  2. You need a furniture plan. You would need to plan and know what furniture goes there to have a full picture of future place.
  3. Materials and colors. 3D designer needs to know the colors and materials of windows, floors, walls and any other important details.
  4. Furniture. For a 3D floor plan you do not need to provide a very specific furniture model you wish to have as they would be seen in a much smaller scale, but still we need to know what kind of table will be in the conference room, or what kind of fridge you want to have in your kitchen. Details are important.
  5. Style. Office buildings and apartments can have very different styles. One can be strict, another can be relaxed. We can make the all walls strictly white, or we can decorate them with different pictures, colors or plants. Anything is possible in 3D world.


3D floor plans are an excellent way to increase your presentation abilities. They are very easy to understand, follow and navigate.

Your clients will get a very comprehensive overview of their future house, office or construction project.

If you need any help making new 3D floor plans for your project, please contact us and we will do our best to make excellent plans for your project:


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